Transform your skin from saggy, tired and dull to being lifted, refreshed and radiant! A real cocktail of Phyto ingredients anti age. Vitamins combined with vegetable origin like Asparagus Root extract, Jojoba Oil and Extensine. Lightweight texture - oil free The passing months, seasons and years inevitably leave a mark on our souls and, alas, on our faces as well. These marks, however, can be slight traces or deep furrows. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can fight skin ageing processes, ward off the worst and even repair any small disasters that have already made their mark. In order to help you do everything within your power, L’Erbolario has developed a specific line, we might even say revolutionary, where the benefits of the present and the precious wisdom of tradition are combined in synergy. This is where the Extensin extracted from Carrot root, essential for ensuring your skin the right level of moisturisation; Meristematic Extract, obtained from Asparagus and capable of revitalising your skin; the emollient and softening power of a Red Algae from the Pacific and Vitamin B5, excellent for preserving the skin’s elasticity, prove to be very precious.

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