Consisting of five leading phytocosmetics and formulated to help your silhouette get rid of “dimpled” skin and unwanted fat deposits, Ananas cell is the most complete and effective response to skin imperfections caused by cellulite. In fact, from the basic cleansing routine to the targeted treatment of individual dimpled areas, Ananas cell provides a strategic beauty regimen aimed at restoring the natural freshness, firmness and suppleness of your skin. The formulas in the line are based on the highly effective Superactive Phytocomplex made with Pineapple, Ash, Coleus and Horse Chestnut. In each product this complex is combined with plants of proven and complex effectiveness in treating skin imperfections caused by cellulite, such as Guarana, Green Coffee and latest generation active ingredients, such as Synephrine, Bitter Orange and Conjugated Linoleic Acid which all work to promote the natural fat mobilisation processes and to help the physiological micro-circulation of the skin surface. Highly effective, well-tested Ananas cell phytocosmetics have been subject to instrumental clinical tests and self-assessments conducted on 100 women*, as well as tests in vitro conducted on adipocyte cell cultures. The assessments of the tests were carried out at the University of Pavia and have shown that Ananas cell phytocosmetics are capable of: – helping reduce localised fat deposits and skin imperfections caused by cellulite; – providing an effective lipo-reducing cosmetic action; – promoting the physiological microcirculation of the skin surface; – providing a positive effect on the physiological elimination of excess liquids; – improving skin compactness, smoothness, tone and suppleness. *Tests conducted on 100 volunteers, controlled with placebo and double-blind (50 volunteers applied a placebo, 50 volunteers applied L’Erbolario products. The study doctor did not know which group the volunteers belonged to and the volunteers did not know which product they were assigned).

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