Losing yourself in the fresh, silent, green atmosphere of the woods, to find yourself in the centre of invigorating, revitalising wellness. A new experience for Men who, following the whispered song of Ferns, will discover the pleasure of self care. A pleasure that is no longer reserved to products in the universe of women’s cosmetics, rather, it is inspired by specifically male desires, and everything is represented through the excellent products in this innovative Bath Line. This is where the unbeatable action of the Extracts of Polypody and Maidenhair Fern is unleashed, with their protective and antioxidant properties, working as an ally for men’s skin every day, during the traditional shaving routine, as well as during the entire daily cleansing ritual. This is why the energising, green-humid fragrance of Ferns and the targeted properties of these products allow Men to finally enjoy, without any complexes, the gratifying opportunity of taking care of their appearance, respecting every necessity and keeping ageing away.

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