Hair Color

Also in terms of Hair Colour, at L’Erbolario we love the Natural look. We like shades of Henna, the golden hues of Chamomile packs or the deep brown of tea leaves, and we do not appreciate the so-called “dyes” that look artificial, even from a distance. We know how important it is, for women who are increasingly rushed and weighed down with a thousand commitments, to be able to lift their spirits by enhancing their hair colour which suddenly seems slightly dull, or delicately concealing white hair. All simply, quickly and … naturally. We have therefore worked extensively to develop a product which, in addition to being truly effective, is also as gentle, as safe and as least aggressive as possible, and which makes the best use of naturally-obtained substances. Leaving ammonia and oxidising agents out of the equation, we demanded the best from the extracts of Chamomile, Henna, Chestnut and Myrtle, highly select and contained in high percentages, and we have enhanced them (to obtain the various shades and achieve optimum coverage) with organic colourants. The protective action of nourishing and strengthening substances make the formula complete.

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