Hair is one of the most evident aspects of our charm and is also, without a doubt, capable of reflecting our overall physical-mental well-being. It is either a source of pride when our hair is healthy and splendid, or a source of embarrassment when, on the other hand, it is brittle, dull and limp. There are many causes that can compromise the beauty and vitality of our hair: pollution, atmospheric agents, stress, poor diet, aggressive treatments. To rediscover the appeal of soft, full, glossy hair that is a pleasure to touch, L’Erbolario has created the new Ristruttura – Restructure Line: specific and innovative formulations enriched with special, functional substances which, through precious, targeted action, provide an excellent level of moisturisation and nourishment directly to the core of the hair fibre, and also prove to be essential to the scalp as well. A naturally restructuring action that makes hair visibly healthier, softer and more splendid…which is noticeable at the first glance.

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