Room Spray Air Fresheners

For people who choose practicality but also want a remarkable and sophisticated fragrance; for people who need to banish unpleasant odours or give certain rooms a stimulating scent that is suitable for the circumstances, the L’Erbolario Home Fragrance Diffusers are the ideal product. They look precious in their colourful packaging, and are also practical thanks to the easy-to-use glass spray bottle, with its strictly no-gas, mechanically-operated dispenser. A scent for each room and circumstance, to create an enchanting atmosphere in any room, at any time. There are seven essences that you can spray in the air: a world of fragrant notes which, through your nose, communicate a sign of serene well-being to your mind, and a sensation of balance throughout your whole body. There are many fragrant themes: the sweet and spicy emotion of Orange & Cardamom, the fresh blend of Cedar Wood & Red Juniper; the sensual combination of Cinnamon & Clove leaves, the festive atmosphere of Sentore d’Inverno (Winter Scent); the warm magic of Incense & Amber, the invigorating sea breeze of Sentore di Mare (Sea Scent), and the exotic and mysterious character of Chinese Mandarin & Cassis.

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