Royal Jelly-Effetto Reale

The intense, specific nourishment that dry hair was truly waiting for! There are multiple causes that can damage the natural splendour of your hair, leaving it dry, damaged, dull: the weather, the sun, blowing drying and aggressive dyes. These will leave your hair brittle and weak, initially on the surface and eventually inside the structure as well. But, yet again, Nature comes to our rescue with a much finer nutrient, we could even call it “royal”: Royal Jelly. This is a high-protein food that bees obtain through the transformation of pollen and use it to help maintain the long-lasting well-being of their body structures. Nurse bees reserve it for the larvae, who are fed it during their first days of life. Royal Jelly is also the food reserved for the Queen Bee for her entire lifetime: thanks to its exceptional content of essential amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, oligo-elements and vitamins, it is possible for the most “noble” bee to live between 3 and 5 years. It is therefore easy to understand why worker bees live no longer than 30 or 40 days. It is evident that Royal Jelly is an appreciable natural restorative which Phytocosmetic Research at the L’Erbolario Laboratories has used as the basis to develop and create Effetto Reale, a line of recipes for dry and damaged hair, developing exclusive and brand new formulas and phyto-complexes. As is the case with the Amino Acids in Royal Jelly, which offer an excellent restructuring action, or with the surfactant base of plant origin from Royal Jelly, Olive and Cocoa, which allows the Shampoo to cleanse your hair carefully, while protecting and nourishing it. Not to mention the innovative and exclusive Restructuring Complex made from Chestnut Honey, Royal Jelly, Hibiscus Flowers, Bitter Orange and Sweet Orange, with its antioxidant and replenishing properties. Thanks to excellent products effectively formulated based on your needs, finally the driest and the most brittle hair can appear more vital, resistant, soft and glossy, rediscovering a realand natural health!

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