Frescaessenza: when opposites complement each other. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine smelling the scent of lemon and lime: an unmistakable, zesty perfume that touches our deepest emotions with a sparkle and stirs them up. But then, wafting with the breeze, here is another scent, a warm, enveloping one this time. It is a warm and comforting embrace, like that of a tree that protects us with its foliage and cradles us in its boughs: it is the scent of Larch and Mimosa tenuiflora bark. Frescaessenza springs exactly from this contrast, from the zest of citrus fruit and the warmth of wood, two opposites that, although so different, attract, blend with and enhance one another, complementing each other and creating exactly that “most beautiful harmony” spoken of by Heraclitus. The Frescaessenza line therefore sounds like a perfect symphony with the voluptuous chords of the products it consists of: the Perfume, ideal for her and for him, the delicate and energising Shower Gel, the very light Fluid Body Cream, the Smoothing Body Oil, the Perfumed Soap, the very pleasant Fragrance Diffuser and the handy Travel Beauty-Set. An extraordinary, fresh and vital line, that will amaze you with the zesty and incredibly intense sensations it will give to you and your skin.

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