The innovative recipes of the Hedera body care line formulated by the Phytocosmetic Research of L’Erbolario work alongside traditional remedies, ensuring moisturising, compacting and replenishing effects on skin tissues: all merit of the highly valid Extract obtained from Hedera helix leaves, rich in highly functional active ingredients such as Saponins and Flavonoids, which provide a truly fine protective and antioxidant action. Plus noble oils, vitamins and plant-derived proteins complete the formulas of the excellent products in this collection, therefore boosting the activity of the Extract of Hedera helix which fights excessive free radical production and sagging skin. With the elasticising and toning action of these products, the freshness and vital appearance of your skin will be as long-lasting as Ivy. A long-lasting sensation of well-being, made even more appealing by the unripe green and energising fragrance of Hedera.

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