Ambraliquida perfume is a secret distillate Its Byzantine aura originates from a nearby land, the beautiful and unique Turkey. Here, in an intact Liquidambar forest, the wind of the coasts, the irreverent Meltem, blends the unexpected scent of the sweetest and spiciest aromas of a distant suk with the dry yellow and golden leaves settled on the ground. hypnotic and triumphant, the Ambraliquida note is duplicated in the products of this line, with formulas based on the luscious gifts of Turkey. Next to the Extract of Liquidambar orientalis, Pistachio and Sesame oils put themselves on show, perfect for nourishing and supporting your skin. Skin that can enjoy the pleasure of the refreshing caress of Ambraliquida every day, just like in a misty, murmuring hammam.

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