The atmosphere that comes alive when this fragrance loaded with mystery is unusually intense and magnetic, as it spreads through the air…indeed, the delicate fragrances of Myrrh and Incense have always guided humanity in its pursuit for all that is sacred and spiritual. In ancient times they were appreciated as very fine substances because of their rarity, as were silk, amber and gold, and man faced every adversity to find them. Myrrh and Incense are two precious resins that are released from the bark of wild trees in the form of drops, and they contain a world of natural properties: in fact, their Extracts are rich in tannins, saccharides, flavonoids and proteins, with a strong toning action. Research at L’Erbolario has concentrated them in the excellent products of the Myrrhae line, creating treatments that are ideal for body care, but also brand new formulas for make-up, dedicated to enhancing skin tone, eyes and lips. Myrrh and Incense, along with gold, were sacred gifts offered at the birth of the Messiah…today they are the newest and most gratifying choice for anyone wishing to give themselves a gift of charm and well-being!

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