Aphrodite presented herself to her beloved Paris clothed in splendid Narcissus: she was planning on capturing his heart with the help of the sublime fragrance of these delicate flowers, with their elegant leaves and graceful corollas. Poets have made tributes to its innate beauty, and this is why the Narcissus is still referred to as the “Poeticus” flower. It is he who announces the spring, being the first to blossom, when the March wind carries its sweet, intense fragrance everywhere. Its corollas, synonymous with elegance, are now even more precious to us, because the evolved L’Erbolario Research has succeeded in obtaining excellent ingredients from them, as the protagonists of a very complete and innovative Bath Care Line: they are the Extract of Narcissus Flowers, with its remarkable toning action, and high purity Distilled Water, which refreshes and softens even the most sensitive skin. Protection, nourishment, moisturisation: a new beauty promise, for truly sublime femininity.

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