Passion Fruit-Frutto Della Passione

The surprisingly delicious and slightly aromatic flavour of the fruits of this beautiful climbing plant which, of the many fruits, was the favourite of Aztec sovereigns and has continued to fascinate people everywhere, over the ages. Everyone will notice the fresh, evident beauty of your skin after being treated with the excellent products from a Line that offers all of the beneficial properties of the extracts of Passion Flowers, rich in flavonoids, and their fruits, with their substantial content of Vitamins, Saccharides and Mineral salts. This collection of L’Erbolario recipes will become the favourite for many women, for the anti-age and compacting contribution of its select active ingredients, which work together to make your skin increasingly toned and youthful. However, these excellent products will not fail to also be prized for their delicate fragrance of blooming plants, at the same time delicately fruity. This truly singular fragrance reflects femininity, making it even more intense, dreamy and…full of passion.

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