Petals & Flowers-Petali & Fiori

Be ready to be amazed by splendid candour and seduced by a reassuring immaculate fragrance. It is an invitation to discover the virtues of a bouquet of white and ethereal flowers: Dahlia, Frangipani and Lilac. These are what make the recipes of this line unique: their natural active ingredients work in synergy to protect your skin, from premature ageing, providing tone and compact texture. This group of beneficial properties is also the protagonist of the innovative formulations of treatments/make-up, which showcase the fascinating appearance of your face, lips and eyes. The effective antioxidant action of the special components in these products – rich in Flavonoids, Vitamin C and Essential Oils – boasts centuries of history: the Dahlia was appreciated by the Aztecs, the Lilac has always been celebrated in folk medicine for its softening properties, while Frangipani is the national flower of Laos and is offered by the populations of the tropical forests as a symbol of friendship. New-found well-being blossoms from their pure white corollas, pre-announced by a clean scent that prepares your mood to experience a positive emotion.

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