Violet-Accordo Viola

Appreciated by every population throughout history, celebrated by poets and represented by artists, the Violet is distinguished in the language of flowers as the symbol of romantic love, humility and modesty. In the universe of natural remedies, since ancient times the Violet has extensively expressed and proven the value of its exceptional purifying qualities and has been identified as the favourite flower of bees to produce honey rich in flavour and beneficial properties. L’Erbolario research has also endeavoured to use and spread the fine qualities of the fascinating Pansy and Garden Violet, obtaining excellent functional Extracts from these flowers, which offer extraordinary antioxidant and protective strength, for the benefit of your skin. Excellent properties that come together in the formulas of the recipes in the Accordo Viola body care line, combined with the highly effective action of a team of plant components: their contribution translates into the unique capacity to provide and preserve compactness over time, offering your skin the silky touch of Violet petals, enhanced by the delicate and charming, and absolutely enchanting fragrant blend.

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