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Our History

The name L’Erbolario brings to mind the ancient term “erborare”, meaning to gather herbs in the fields, in order to study their beneficial properties. This is what the family of Franco Bergamaschi, the founder of L’Erbolario, did together with his wife, Daniela Villa, who is a biologist and cosmetologist. The starting point for their activities were family recipes, tested and improved by experiments, research and distillation. This led, in 1978, to the opening of La Premiata Erboristeria Artigiana L’Erbolario, with the aim of manufacturing natural, plant-based cosmetics which were valid and effective. As the years passed, the scientific research became more meticulous, more extensive and rigorous, using the valuable contribution of the fathers of Italian phyto-cosmetics, including Professor Gianni Proserpio. It has, in fact, always been part of L’Erbolario philosophy to consider as essential the alliance between the precious knowledge of the past and the undeniable conquests of the future, between traditional phyto-therapy and modern cosmetology.


In 1984, L’Erbolario took a major step forward when it moved its production activities to a more suitable location in terms of size and structure. The leading edge active substances, obtained from plants using advanced technologies, made L’Erbolario cosmetics even richer and more high-performance, whilst the microbiological and chemical-physical checks became even more rigorous. The effectiveness of L’Erbolario formulations is therefore recognized, appreciated and celebrated by a number of consumers which increases from year to year.


An important goal was achieved in 1994, with inauguration of the new production plant. The architecture is reminiscent of the traditional farmhouses of the Lodi area and the building stands in a natural garden stretching over almost 200,000 m2 within the Parco Adda Sud.

A perfect place to live, but also an environment to be protected: L’Erbolario has, in fact, always stood out for its commitment to the search for and choice of the best technological solutions for limiting environmental impact.


…more than 35 years naturally with us
More than of 30 years, each anniversary celebrated with our most loyal customers, who have known about and chosen the quality of L’Erbolario products for so many years. Our history is marked by a huge range of formulations: there are now more than 600 specialties created for care of the face, body and hair, for protection against the sun, for children’s skin, for the air and environments of the home and, when required, they can be elegantly gift-wrapped into delightful and highly appreciated presents. This gives us a great satisfaction, since it is always a pleasure to satisfy your every desire in full.


The large L’Erbolario production plant is flanked by a building housing the administrative and sales offices, where fervent teamwork continues apace from day to day. In so many years of activity, L’Erbolario has added new professional figures to its team, all important for the success of the company: a team of herbalists, biologists, pharmacists, cosmetologists, doctors and chemical engineers, working side by side in harmony. A decisive role is played within the company by the R&D Laboratory, where research into raw materials and innovative cosmetics makes it possible to develop new phyto-cosmetics which are safer, of higher quality and more pleasant. Each stage linked to the creation of the products is absolutely essential. Our formulations are created and calibrated with scientific rigour and then elegantly packaged. Their gentle and harmonious image is placed in the hands of a large group of illustrators and artists, headed by our chief graphic artist.


Being l’Erbolario
E for Erbolario and E for Equilibrium: this is the ultimate purpose of our research, which is constantly targeted at planning and achieving perfect equilibrium between the most advanced cosmetology and the authentic herbalist tradition. Our aim is, in fact, to create safe and effective phyto-cosmetic products, created with respect for nature and for mankind.

The scientific rigour of the tests conducted at every stage of the product’s life cycle and the strict clinical trials – which also include the vital experiments conducted at the prestigious University of Pavia – guarantee their extremely high quality and the highest environmental compatibility.

This is a commitment which L’Erbolario renews every single day, rewarding years of loyalty from attentive and perceptive consumers with the security of effective products.


Let us now enter the R&D division, where a team of cosmetologists and researchers headed by Daniela Villa works. As you can see, many things have changed since the early experiments and the herbs being crushed in the mortar. Research is increasingly focused on continual renewal and study of progressively more innovative formulations and processing techniques, without ever abandoning the objective of quality and total safety. The process starts with research, trials and checks on the most interesting raw materials, always accompanied by certificates of analysis. Each new product requires at least one year of observation. The first tests are conducted on a kilogram of product, processed in a tabletop turbo emulsifier in the laboratory. If the assessments are positive, five kilograms are produced, using more complex equipment which is closer to the industrial equipment. This is followed by three months of strict stability tests, followed by thermal shock and microbiological analysis, to avoid the risk of bacteria, moulds and yeasts being present. Everything in order? In that case, one hundred kilograms are prepared. At the same time, safety also takes a step forward: samples of the products are sent to the prestigious University of Pavia, for testing on 100 healthy volunteers, never on animals. Three tests are conducted: skin sensitivity, effectiveness and pleasantness. Positive results? That’s when production starts.


Such advanced research deserves high-technology production plant, all in easy to sanitise stainless steel, since it can be dismantled and washed without difficulty. Safety, in the Production Division, means tidiness, cleanliness and hygiene. Only suitable equipment in suitable premises. The areas are protected from the outside world, with automatic transfer of materials and channelling which transports the process water without there ever being contact between the air and the water. The production plant includes turbo emulsifiers which can produce from 100 to 4000 kg of emulsion, such as creams, cleansing milks, gel emulsions, etc., and mixers with a capacity of 1700 to 15000 litres, for the preparation of shampoos, bath foams and oils. More than anywhere else, safety is always at the forefront in the alcohol-based perfumery division, where mixers with capacities up to 2000 litres are present and any risk of explosion must be avoided at all costs. The area is carefully treated to avoid any alcohol residues: this is when the scrubbers and molecular sieve come into action.


In the packaging division the products are packaged in the elegant packs which customers love so much. Here, the modern technology of the plant comes face to face with the values of traditional craftsmanship, because it has been decided, in many cases, to relinquish speed of packaging in order to guarantee manual checks on every single product, which, after careful inspection, are either passed or rejected. Large machines at the service of humans. However at L’Erbolario, the skill and professionalism of those working in each division of the company are fundamental requisites for obtaining the total quality which is transferred to every L’Erbolario product.


Our product is finally ready to travel. Destination: the herbalist store and many pharmacies. In order to avoid any possible mistake, the stocks of finished products and sales orders are managed by a sophisticated warehouse management system. Now, the products are ready to meet their public.


Why choose l’Erbolario? Above all, because creams, lotions and perfumes are the fruit of a successful combination of herbalist wisdom, tried and tested over the centuries, and the scientific scrupulousness inherent in modern cosmetics. You can be sure of giving well-being and beauty, of promising a minimum of happiness! With more than 600 different products, there are infinite possibilities of choice and combination.


You can amuse yourselves by imagining what will be most appreciated by your partner, by mum who does not hide her fear of ageing, by a daughter harassed by the minor beauty traumas of adolescence, by a vain woman friend who is also concerned about the environment, by the sophisticated lady who is also house proud, by granny who prefers the fragrance of happier years… Do you want to make a small present? You can start with a talc, a soap… All you need is a personalised ribbon, or packaging with an elegant bag which will turn it into a sophisticated gift. If you prefer a slightly or considerably more expensive gift there is an unlimited choice. For the combinations your imagination is required. You can choose from specific categories (face, body, home, etc.) or perfumes (lily-of-the-valley, honeysuckle, iris, rose, moss, sandalwood etc.) or simply by choosing and matching products which are mostly liked: the patchwork effect will be highly effective. For every use and every category there will be an appropriate box. A bed of pot pourri will create a background and enhance the colours and patterns of the packaging.