SPIRITUALITY AND WELLNESS IN A SHADE Two colours, blue and purple, in an embrace to create a shade rather than an actual tint: we are talking about indigo, the sixth “band” in the magical rainbow. Virtues and almost divine capacities related to the sphere of spirituality and positive moods have always been attributed to indigo. It is in fact the colour of meditation, intuition, ecstasy and the solution – it is thought to be able to clear ideas and open minds. It is also the symbol of intimacy, mystery, infinity, and immensity: aren’t the night sky, the deep ocean, and the vastness of the universe perhaps indigo-coloured? It is the divine that surrounds us and permeates everything around us, the rhythmic breathing of a wave, the determined yet gentle force of life and the serenity of almost deafening silence, in its purest form. FLOWERS FULL OF VIRTUE The Indigo line, as the name suggests, will be able to awaken the wonderful feeling of tranquility and well-being within your soul that this shade emanates. Not only for the colour of the elegant packaging, but also thanks to the top quality floral extracts that celebrate this tint. The Indigo plant, Indigofera tinctoria, stands out from them all, known since the earliest of times. At the time, Egyptians and Asians used it to dye their garments. For many, it is still a noble colour: take, for example, the tagelmust, the indigo-dyed turban that earned the Tuaregs the name of the “blue people”. The Indigofera tinctoria, therefore, enriches the recipes of this line with its protective and antioxidant virtues, able to make the skin elastic and soft. Alongside it we have the regal Cornflower, which is also indigo and symbolises lightness; Flax, contained in these formulas with its extract and its hydrolysed protein; Borage, a plant originally from the East and always appreciated for its ability to drive away sadness and restore serenity. Just like the recipes of the Indigo line.

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