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Absolutely gentle, naturally effective, high quality. We like thinking big for our little ones!

This is the place dedicated entirely to young children, the L’Erbolario Baby Garden, where children’s skin is met with all the kindness it could ever need. In fact, children don’t need any special “cosmetics” to look so adorable, just a few basic products for their first cleansing routine, formulated in full respect of the needs of their sensitive skin.

Effective and safe products…
The fine products in the Baby Garden range have reached increasingly higher objectives in terms of efficiency, quality and safety, thanks to constantly updated and evolved Research at the L’Erbolario Phytocosmetic Laboratories.

…that are also appealing!
The starting point is always the choice of highly select plant raw materials. Today, using only truly excellent ingredients and extracts obtained from plants from organic farming, our Researchers have developed even more balanced, targeted, safer formulas… which will prove to be truly great allies for the skin of young children.

Safety and quality for baby
All the products in the “Baby Garden” range have been formulated by L’Erbolario to fulfil the special demands of the delicate and sensitive skin of new-born babies. Their components have been selected according to the utmost purity and quality. The active principles have been selected from those that have been employed by man for centuries and therefore boast a tradition of undoubted effectiveness and tried and tested safety.
Preparation and packaging are governed by the strictest hygiene standards, while thorough micro-biological and physical-chemical controls are carried out on every single batch guaranteeing constant quality and stability. Strict clinical trials performed at the University of Pavia have ascertained the optimum skin tolerability of each individual product.

L’Erbolario loves your baby
Skin tolerance clinically tested in collaboration with a Dermatologist and Paediatrician.
They have also been monitored for the content of 7 metals (Nickel, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Antimony and Chromium) to minimise the risk of allergy and protect even the most sensitive skin.
Formulation subject to strict in vitro and in vivo tests to prove effectiveness and gentleness. The research has been assessed at the Dept. of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy at the University of Pavia.
Appealing to use, opinion expressed by 50 mothers.

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