Risposta Vegetable Collagen

The perfect Reply to all the skin’s needs, multiplied by seven specific treatments.
Science in aid of beauty: for a few years now, the L’Erbolario Research & Development Laboratory has been actively collaborating with the Physiological and Pharmacological Sciences Department and the Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy Department of the University of Pavia. This collaboration has made it possible for L’Erbolario to optimize the formula of the AltaFitocosmesi line and to subject it to multiple and rigorous effectiveness and safety controls. The seven fine products that make up the line have proven, through the tests to which they were subjected, that, nowadays, every woman’s aesthetic capital and beauty prospects can be maintained intact for as long as possible. All the fine products of L’Erbolario’s “Risposta” AltaFitocosmesi line have proven their good elasticizing, moisturizing, toning, and smoothing properties, as well as an excellent filling action of expression lines and their potential to increase the density and compactness of the skin. These properties are combined with a pleasant ease of application and absorption. Our Research has gone even further: we supplemented the clinical tests – and their important results – with additional in vitro laboratory tests. These tests proved that the treatments of the AltaFitocosmesi line perform an effective antioxidant and protective action. This dual cosmetic functionality protects cells from “oxidative stress”, countering in that way the premature aging of the skin.

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