After thorough facial cleansing, the tonic is the ideal cosmetic product to remove any remaining make-up and impurities and to prepare the skin to receive other treatments. After using a tonic, your skin will feel well cleansed and refreshed and will be ready for the next stages of your skincare routine, that is, serums, creams or masks! In addition to cleansing the skin’s surface layers, tonics also leave the skin looking radiant.
L’Erbolario research offers you the best tonics for the face, neck and low neckline, with ingredients of natural origin, in particular distilled water and extracts that we produce in our laboratories.
Our alcohol-free and extremely gentle aromatic waters meet a variety of skin needs, as they contain ingredients of natural origin with specific properties: for example Linden Flower and Chamomile, with a softening and delicate action, which gently moisturize even the most sensitive skin, or Rosemary, which is more suitable for combination and oily skin due to its astringent properties. Or even Hyaluronic Acid, a hydration booster, which is contained in two beauty lotions, a rebalancing one and a softening one.
Pick the L’Erbolario tonic that suits you best, to complete your cleansing routine, brighten your skin and prepare it for the next treatments!

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