Arancio Accordo

All the symbols associated to one of the brightest tones in existence are positive: Orange This intense color is in full synch with inner vitality and harmony and has a mood re-balancing effect. It is said to represent the need for experiences of pleasant and regenerating sensations: this is why your body’s skin will willingly receive the action of Accordo Arancio, a line of excellent recipes dedicated to your skin’s beauty, with its fresh fragrance distinguished by a positive, luminous energy. Proven to be highly beneficial to the skin is the value of the phytocosmetic actions of the fine plant ingredients, particularly of three fruits, all Orange in colour, selected by L’Erbolario research for their compacting action on skin tissues: Mandarin, Bitter orange and Chinese Lantern.
The native country of the first of these ingredients, the Mandarin, was believed to be China: therefore, when it appeared in Europe in the mid 1800s, the colour of the fruit was associated with the ancient noble Chinese governors, the Mandarins. L’Erbolario has chosen it for its high content of flavonoids, Vitamin C, Group B and A vitamins, Iron, Magnesium and Folic Acid: these products contain the extracts from its pulp, leaves and peel, and a pure distilled Water from its fruits, all to provide your skin with antioxidant and protective effects. Bitter orange, from the Citrus aurantium plant, arrived in Sicily with the Arabs, who have been farming it since the end of the first millennium. It was also widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for its stimulating properties on vital physiological functions. Here it is used to make your skin supple, through the softening and toning properties of the extract obtained from its peel. Lastly, it is rich in Tannins, Vitamins, Saccharides and the Mineral salts from Chinese Lantern, an edible berry whose name means “bubble”, because the cover enclosing the fruit has a graceful spherical shape: its active ingredients enrich the hydroglycerine extract which makes these formulas capable of moisturising and re-awakening the freshness of your skin. Starting today, Orange goes perfectly with soft and smooth skin, thanks to the effects of these properties: the passionate hue of Accordo, with its sophisticated scent, is the ideal daily companion for every Woman and every Man.

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