A contagious and vital energy, a universe of light and colors nipped from the sun’s rays, an uncontainable explosion of freshness… Welcome to the world of Citrus! Follow the invigorating notes of this brand new and regenerating fruit cocktail: Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lime, Lemon and Bitter Orange.
A boost of refreshing well-being will immediately gratify your senses, thanks to this fragrance that has the radiant, engaging personality of summer: a feeling that you experience in the warm season, but which can stay with you, with its passionate energy, throughout the year. Your skin can only be appreciative, as Citrus is a complete line of products containing select ingredients – luscious juices and fine citrus extracts – that work together to offer all their effective action, with the aim of fighting excess free radicals and enhancing and improving your skin’s natural elasticity and compactness.

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