The long and luxuriant blossoming of beauty. In every garden, the elegant presence and proud stance of Hydrangea flowers will catch your eye, in fact, the magnificent, round inflorescences, which resemble colorful clouds, and the luxuriant foliage seem to fully evoke the inimitable splendor of Nature.
They provide us with long-lasting emotion, as it is common knowledge that Hydrangeas bloom prosperously for several months: it is no coincidence that they have the capacity to retain plenty of moisture. In other words, their showy charm is not destined to wither quickly, they even continue to make an impression when their flowers are picked and dried, to create elegant arrangements in the house

The Phytocosmetic Laboratories at L’Erbolario have succeeded in exploiting the unique property of the Hydrangea flower to preserve its beauty so long when duly watered, and they interpreted this by creating excellent products formulated to help your skin preserve its natural moisture, and therefore remain supple and compact, for a long time. The Hydrangea, in addition to being a muse, is the actual protagonist of this range of excellent phytocosmetics: L’Erbolario Research has obtained a fine Extract from its root, which is used in the recipes of this line to protect even the most delicate and sensitive skin from the onset of premature aging. In order for skin tone and freshness to have a long-lasting resistance to withering, other excellent plant-derived ingredients come into play, working in synergy with the antioxidant Extract of Hydrangea. These formulas therefore not only offer valid help in maintaining feminine grace over time, but also a harmonious and sophisticated scent, that greatly enhances its natural appeal.

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