When it bashfully appears in meadows, you immediately perceive the emotion of an enchanting yet natural event that repeats unfailingly every year, and perpetuates for infinity. Spring is back, and its return is pre-announced by the Primula – which the ancients referred to as “the spring flower” and which is considered auspicious – that blooms in fields as soon as the winter chill disappears, while the pleasure of experiencing the most enjoyable season of the year blossoms inside of us.

Along with the Primula, all Nature is renewed, with the promise of new vigor, of serene harmony. A perfect equilibrium that even your skin dreams of, and that you can discover through a line of body care products developed by L’Erbolario Research: Primaverde, a collection of recipes that has made the excellent beneficial phytocosmetic properties of Primula Versi its own. In particular, the Extract of Flowers and root obtained from this delicate flower, are dedicated to carefully renewing the natural splendor of your skin, protecting it from the effect of excess free radicals through a truly specific antioxidant action. Your skin rediscovers the joy of remarkable softness and tone, and its recaptured beauty is enhanced and enriched by an original and vibrant scent, green yet elegantly fruity and floral at the same time. Loaded with natural charm, like spring.

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