Regine Dei Prati

The small flowers that spring is made of. The light has changed, the bright green of new grass catches your eye and you can smell light, fresh new scents in the breeze. There’s no doubt: after a long winter slumber, cheerful Nature wakes up when the new season calls!

It is such a pleasure to walk along grassy paths, stretches of meadows, getting glimpses here and there of the most evident and happy signs of spring’s return: tiny, pretty flowers have popped up everywhere! The first ones to be noticed are the pretty Queen of the Meadows, soft, minute and pure white floral clouds that owe their regal name to Queen Elizabeth I of England. In fact, she loved decorating her rooms naturally with these delightful little flowers, letting their delicate scent spread throughout. The Daisy alone holds a special place in Nature’s spring scenario, with its white corolla dotted with a small yellow centre, making the fields look cheery. Always considered to be the symbol of purity and innocence, these are the flowers that everyone, at least once in their life, has picked the petals from, one at a time, repeating the well-known verse “he loves me, he loves me not”, to discover the fate of their love life.

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