Created from the combination of two Verbena varieties – officinalis and lemon (Lippia citriodora) – this new perfumed collection is homage to freshness and a good mood. Both very discreet in appearance, the two Verbena varieties conceal unexpected surprises: Lemon Verbena is so called because when its leaves are rubbed, it exudes a fresh lemon scent, whereas Verbena officinalis is known in herbalist tradition for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.

The Verbena line includes a perfume with a bright and carefree bouquet, a room fragrance diffuser and wonderful cosmetics for body and hair, made with the extracts and distilled waters produced in our laboratories from the leaves of the two plants. Formulas of extraordinary sensoriality created to give a boost of perfumed energy and to reconnect our senses with nature.

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