Anti-wrinkle Face Cream With Marigold, Carrot and Ginseng
Size:30 ml
Rich in super-nourishing ingredients such as Noble oils, Carrot, Marigold and Ginseng, excellent in preventing the onset of wrinkles and reducing existing ones, this cream restores tired and sagging skin with tone and elasticity, and guarantees a younger, more radiant appearance.

Use Anti-wrinkle Cream with Marigold, Carrot and Ginseng every day (preferably in the evening before going to bed), after thoroughly cleansing your skin. Help assimilation by patting gently.

Characteristic functional substances
Virgin Bee’s Wax, Wheat Germ Oil, Oily extract of Carrot, Extract of Marigold, Extract of Ginseng, Unsaponifiables of Olive Oil, Vitamin B5.

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