Aftershave lotion Notes of Ebony – 100ML/3.3. FL.OZ.
Fresh Lotion with Extract of Ebony

Once the delicate shaving ritual is completed, the skin requires nourishment and hydration. This Aftershave Lotion allows the skin to find comfort, thanks to the oily extract of Ebony wood, with an emollient action, and to precious oils, in particular black Cumin oil. Lastly, distilled water from Ebony wood protects the epidermis; not surprisingly, many peoples around the world believe Ebony wood to be a symbol of protection.

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Formula with 97% of ingredients of natural origin
No silicones, parabens and petrolatum
*The remaining percentage of ingredients guarantees product stability and appeal.

After shaving, put a small amount of product in your hand and pat it onto your cheeks, chin and neck until it is completely absorbed. For a perfect shave, before applying the Lotion we recommend using the Shaving Foam Notes of Ebony.

Alpha bisabolol from organic Candeia, organic extract of Ginger in supercritical CO2, Marula oil, black Cumin oil, oily extract of Ebony, distilled water of Ebony wood, Vitamin E from Soybean, natural Menthol.

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