250 ml/8.8 fl.oz.
A Shower gel that is delicate even on the most sensitive skin, extremely appealing from the start of the sweet and innocent perfumed note that immediately offers the sensation of total immersion in Nature during the return of spring: the scents of new grass blend with the subdued accents of the tiny flowers that populate the meadow. Meadowsweet, the first of these tiny flowers, with its organic extract contained in the formula, provides a considerable anti-oxidant action, improving your skin’s elasticity. Then we have Daisy and Chamomile: their organic extracts also provide excellent toning, refreshing and softening virtues, offering your skin plenty of protection and enhancing its natural splendour. Your skin can safely rely on this product, confident that its moisturisation will be preserved thanks to a fine, invisible film, carefully created by the proteins of Rice and surface activated Oat Amino Acids.

Simply add a dollop of product under running water or on the sponge to create a creamy and inviting lather.

Characteristic functional substances
Organic extract of Meadowsweet, Organic extract of Daisy, Organic extract of Chamomile, Surface-activated Amino Acids of Oat, Hydrolysed Rice Protein

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250 ml/8.8 fl.oz. – The clean sensation of this Bath and Shower Foam reminds you purity and freshness of nature. In this recipe, the best organic extracts of Meadowsweet Flower togegher with antioxindant properties of Daisy and Chamomile Flowers, protect the skin during daily cleansing. Oat Amino Acid surfactants and Rice Proteins help even the most sensitive skin.

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